Sol Benito is a product design & packaging design boutique based in Mumbai (India), specially focused on perfume & cosmetic product design and packaging for international market.




Challenge was to create a feminine perfume product and packaging for GCC and African market which is strictly unconventional in terms of look and styling at the same take radical approach, Not typically perfume glass bottle is perceived in general.

Conceptualized from the visual narratives of woman’s obsession and desire, representation for Fashion, Class and Luxury was translated into the concept for this product along with the name “BONITA”. The key objective of the brief was to synthesize Feminity and fascination, at same time have dialogue with consumer and trigger an emotional connect, thus we took inspiration from Hobo hand bag as a basic concept to tell the story of woman’s obsession and aspiration,

This product concept was further enhanced by using right set of material, finish and production technique. Because the material was the key factor to get the right end product, the colour palette was kept minimal with Brown and Gold as prominent with dark brown leather aspects. Overall product comes across as miniature bag gives very strong attention grabbing perfume flacon on the shelf



Edge Themes


packaging, product


Chic, Fashion, Feminity


August 30, 2017