Sol Benito is a product design & packaging design boutique based in Mumbai (India), specially focused on perfume & cosmetic product design and packaging for international market.




Brief was to create a Feminine perfume product that is unconventional in term of look and feel Meant for Middle East Market

The challenge was to break the notion of how we perceive perfume bottle in general. Entire design exercise was to create a visual language for effective Packaging that can build a powerful story.

CLIO is an enigmatic poetry crafted in bottle that tells the story of femininity, elegance and Beauty. It’s a depiction of Arabian ethos, infinite love and serenity, we took inspiration from lattice from Islamic architecture. We took the flower as a mnemonic and crafted a cylindrical product with Floral pattern Lattice in aluminium as an Oversized Cap, the concept emphasized rich with modern charm and would make an intriguing object of design for woman.



Edge Themes


packaging, product


Beauty, Design, Elegance, Enigma, Lattice, Poetry


August 21, 2017