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Conceptualized from the visual narratives of battlefields that Spaniards were famous for. This medieval metaphor of bravery expresses a life that is ‘lived on the edge’ and is translated into the concept for this unisex product along with the name that means ‘blade’ or ‘sword’ and rightfully so. Since the shape and styling were designed to resemble a miniature of Spanish weapon.

The key objective of the brief was to synthesize history and create a contemporary unisex story where the sensuality is combined with subtle aggressiveness of a man’s character and pristine mystery of a woman’s character.

Thus the job scope was to find an ultimate object that speaks about today’s generation in a visual narrative that is sharp, stylish and sensual. So we took a leaf from the ancient history and picked up this mnemonic – a sword – in its classic avatar, and further enhanced the concept by using the right set of material, finish and production technique for both the gender. The color palette was kept minimal with ESPADA NERO (MAN – Black & Silver) in prominence while for ESPADA ORO (WOMAN- White & Gold). The bottle surface was treated to give a unique smoothness.



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April 24, 2021