Sol Benito is a product design & packaging design boutique based in Mumbai (India), specially focused on perfume & cosmetic product design and packaging for international market.


Prakrishi Dryfruits

Prakrishi Dryfruits

Challenge was to create range of Dry Fruit packaging with strong visual narrative meant for Indian market,

Dry fruits are considered to be super food due to its nutritional properties. Dry fruits are excellent and healthy substitute for daily snacks.

Dry fruit is king of food and health, There is one phrase that “we become what we eat”, our intended design strategy was to create a packaging that tells a story where each dry fruit is depicted as a king of its kingdom, When we eat healthy food we surely lead a healthy life, one have to live in this kingdom of Health.
Sol Benito created a packaging range with distinct identity on shelf where hundreds of products fighting for attention, monochromatic packaging with each Dry fruit is portrayed in colour as strong differentiator.



branding, packaging


April 28, 2021