Sol Benito is a product design & packaging design boutique based in Mumbai (India), specially focused on perfume & cosmetic product design and packaging for international market.




An appropriate expression for the man who loves outdoors as much as he enjoys indoors, this product concept was chalked out from the creative agenda of ‘man is the product of the Earth’ where we took another element – the wood – that is symbolic alter ego of the Man. A heady mix of burly ruggedness with soothing charm, this wooden look gives the whole product-packaging unit a muscular appeal while adding a shade of mystery to it.

The brief underlined the need to create a sturdy yet suave product concept that expresses earthiness, elegance and enigma.

Taking the strong metaphor of a heavy wood log and combining it with the smooth tactile experience through a very selective material, we transformed the product into a sensory delight. The challenge was to cater to mainly GCC market where – as a natural fact – there is not much jungle available. So we used color, texture, printing technique etc to come up with a product that not only delivers a stunning visual but also a tangible experience of product’s USP.



Edge Themes


branding, packaging, product


Earthy, Leather, Raw, Wood


June 4, 2017