Sol Benito is a product design & packaging design boutique based in Mumbai (India), specially focused on perfume & cosmetic product design and packaging for international market.


Tool box

Tool box

A distinguished looking pack of Eau De Toilette that was crafted around principles of ‘Masculinity meets luxury’ where everything – from name to packaging design to material – were kept quite androgenic. Its hexagonal shape was an intended design strategy to make it stand out from the conventional sizes found in the market.

The brief received for the product development was clear and tough at the same time: “to create a luxury product meant for GCC region with an obviously masculine personality.” Hence, we integrated two basic thoughts – shape and color – and transformed it into a robust design that expresses masculinity in a captivating manner. Also, a suggestive name like TOOLBOX was derived from the ‘shape concept’ of an industrial nut that served here as the symbolic representation of Man, a stud. In order to achieve premium look of a luxury brand, we maintained high caliber at production stage also. By incorporating materials, finish and production techniques that emphasize the product’s persona even more.



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Hexagon, Luxury, Masculinity, Stud


August 25, 2017